Note: 123 SEE is currently in pilot development.

123 SEE is actively seeking partnerships with retail locations such as pharmacies, supermarkets, shopping centers, and airports.

Through a partnership with 123 SEE,​ the retailer has the potential to have access to an untapped source of customers, increase foot traffic, and participate in a new market segment. 123 SEE is open to service customization to enhance vision care while providing an unmatched customer experience.

By reducing the threshold for people to test their vision, we aim to detect health issues early and more often. Eye data is securely shared with partnering eye care professionals for review. If there are health concerns about the patient's eyes paired with their demographic and health history, the patient is flagged for a follow-up. Customers can conveniently schedule appointments at the partnering practice via the 123 SEE Vision Testing Station or the 123 SEE online portal.

We are open to suggestions that can help improve the partnership's business, broaden the retailer's offerings, and drive an increase in customers while benefitting the general public.



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